Company Profile &
Core Competencies
REALLAND TECHNOLOGY is a leading brand of high-end motors in China founded in 2000, the company is a specialized company integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. For a long time, REALLAND Technology has specialized in the industry and is known for its innovative motor technology, cost-effectiveness and high reliability.
R&D system
and Capabilities
Design Technology & Capability
  • Electromagnetic design technology
electromagnetic principle design, electromagnetic simulation analysis and calculation

  • Mechanical structure design technology 
product structure design, mechanical and dynamic simulation analysis and calculation, fluid mechanics simulation analysis and calculation, component mechanical design

  • Manufacturing technology
special machine design, production line design, manufacturing process , production and treatment tool design

  • Models involving motors
asynchronous motors, permanent magnet synchronous motors, reluctance motors

  • Highest mechanical accuracy:
  • Maximum motor speed: 24000 r/min
Product Development Process
Product development process:  product development direction, principle research breakthrough

R&D design process:  principle prototype design, manufacturing, testing

Engineering design process:  product stereotype design, product pilot, process mold design and manufacturing, quality control plan

Product trial production process:  procurement and manufacturing layout, small batch trial production, logistics planning
Awareness &
Service Orientation
Product Development Awareness
"INNOVATION IN MOTORS" is our deep consciousness within REALLAND Technology. It refers to the creation of revolutionary motor products to promote technological change and progress in industrial machinery and industry, thereby realizing the value of REALLAND Technology.

From the perspective of fashion and trends, profound changes are taking place in the industrial machine field, and various institutions are moving toward electrification, automation, Internet of things and networking.In terms of the composition of the machine, it is usually composed of (A) upper computer, (B) driver, (C) motor, (D) mechanical transmission component, (E) machine, where the motor is in the middle (C) position. It is the transformation hub of electromechanical energy.It plays an extremely important role in energy saving, machine performance, work efficiency and precision, as well as direct drive, miniaturization and integration.

REALLAND Technology will be committed to continuous deepening and breakthrough, and based on the world, keep pace with the times, and provide higher performance, more revolutionary and lighter products for the advancement of the industry with an open mind and a positive attitude.

Business Philosophy
REALLAND Technology shares a commercial supply chain and value chain with customers and suppliers.
We are committed to creating a green ecosystem of pure sunshine, health and love, encouraging and helping each other, and promoting positive energy awareness and corporate growth.

Our Service Positioning
  • Serving the field of industrial machinery and new energy vehicles.
  • Serving machine manufacturing companies, new energy vehicle companies, electronic control system integrators, powertrain integrators.
  • Serving customers who have a desire for motor performance, quality and reliability.
  • Serve customers who are pursuing continuous improvement and continuous improvement.
  • Support projects that promote positive industrial advancement in the industry.

Our Customers
Beliefs & Corporate Culture
REALLAND Technology committed to promoting the company as a whole and every employee grows in the direction of a positive life.
诸方和安  如鱼得水
慈悲于心  成就万物
- A heart of peace and joy

- Deep love for Mother Earth

- Be kind and to love all beings

- Have grateful love for others, and the mindset of altruism.

- Love and respect our department, company, our customers and suppliers.

- Respect the value of anything that exists, and revere the universe, the nature and the principle of the world.

- Caring for our own body and mind, transforming our own negatives into postive energy.
- Everything is created because it is endowed with its value and utility.This is the vocation of all things.

- Man needs to create and work so that he can live up to his thinking mind and dexterous hands.

- REALLAND advocates the way for business to survive and grow should be a creative, non-competitive way.

- The direction of creation is to promote the positive and long-term interests of mankind and the earth.

- Find out your talents, face up to your weaknesses, find the right points, and create and work on them.

- Dig deep into your potential, revolve around and expand yourself, prove yourself and enjoy the joy of creation.

- There are no two identical snowflakes, respecting the strengths of themselves and others, not being self-sufficient, not conceited, and not comparing.
- This life is a school where our souls grow.

- Knowledge and experience are behind everything that happen to us. We should take things as teachers.

- Nothing is worthy of pride. If you put the past and achievements on your body, you will not be able to climb the mountain.

- Carrying the heart of an empty cup that desires to grow up are worthy of respect, appreciation and expectation.

- Every day is a new beginning, and every day is a day of growth.
Corporate Framework & Factory Display

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