Machine Tool Exhibition

The machine tool industry has been the main application industry for REALLAND for decades. Through innovation and development, we continue to expand our full range of CNC machine tool spindle motors, servo motors, and electric spindles. By focusing on technological innovation and introducing revolutionary products, REALLAND has established itself as a leading brand of machine tool motors in the industry and among customers due to its high performance and reliability.

In April 2016, REALLAND participated in the China CNC Machine Tool Fair 2016. REALLAND's innovative product, the 'DSP lathe rear motorized spindle' made a stunning debut and was highly praised and recognized by industry experts. They believe that this revolutionary product has brought about significant changes to the drive of CNC machine tool spindles.

New Energy Vehicle Exhibition

The new energy vehicle industry is an important industry for REALLAND's expansion. REALLAND has introduced revolutionary drive motors for new energy vehicles, featuring innovative structures and ultra-high energy density patented technology.

In June 2016, REALLAND launched the 'ultra-thin and ultra-high density ETM disc in-wheel drive motor'. The technical indicators reached international leading levels, which brought unexpected surprises to industry experts and the technical personnel. They contacted each other for technical exchanges, creating a lively atmosphere.
EVS30 in Germany
In October 2017, at the 30th Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition (EVS30) held in Stuttgart, Germany, REALLAND exhibited the 'ultra-thin and ultra-high density ETM disc in-wheel drive motor.' This motor has garnered significant attention from international industry experts such as those from Germany, France, Japan, China, and other renowned automotive companies' technical supervisors and R&D technicians. They are amazed by its ultra-thin design and high torque density, leading to technical exchanges and inquiries.
EVS31 in Japan
At the 31st Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition (EVS31) held in Osaka, Japan in September 2018, REALLAND once again showcased the 'ultra-thin and ultra-high density ETM disc in-wheel drive motor', which received special attention. In particular, REALLAND had warm and detailed technical exchanges with major Japanese car companies, integrated drive suppliers, and research institutions, supervisors and technical personnel from R&D departments of Japanese car companies.
EVS32 in France
In May 2019, REALLAND participated in the 32nd Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition (EVS32) held in Lyon, France. The 'ultra-thin and ultra-high density ETM disc in-wheel drive motor' exhibited was well-received by many countries around the world, including Europe, the United States, India, China, and other visiting and exhibiting business presidents, technical directors, professionals who showed special attention. Detailed technical exchanges and business discussions took place on-site creating a warm atmosphere.

International Exchanges

REALLAND has established strategic partnerships with several international customers who are leaders in their respective industries. As an excellent motor supplier and partner, REALLAND has been invited to many countries, including France, Germany, Japan, and India for international visits and exchanges.