Energy efficient pumping unit
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Previous conditions of oil pumping machines used in oil fields

“Trading electricity for oil” is considered the business that oil fields used to engage in. An electricity-efficient oil pumping machine is the ideal for all oil fields. For many years a variety of motor-driving energy-efficient solutions have been applied to the oil fields, but the results were not as good as expected. One of the solutions uses permanent-magnet synchronous motor. However, it is found that rear earth, neodymium, iron and boron are not adaptable to the applicable environment, which causes demagnetization in oil fields and wells under extremely high/low temperature, the strike of wind, sand and/or rain, impact or corrosive conditions. This leads to higher possibility of troubles, or even the burning of a number of motors due to demagnetization.

Moreover, the exploitation of rare earth brings along with serious environmental pollution. Meanwhile, its smelting also consumes considerable energy. Rare earth is a kind of non renewable resource and it becomes rare day by day.

Is there a solution that is able to improve the efficiency with a typically small amount of or no rare earth?

Realland launched an efficient and trouble-free solution

Addressing to the application of oil pumping machines in oil fields, Realland released the product series “Efficient mixed-magnetic synchronous motor used for oil pumping machines”(patented products) in 2013, and made a success in Daqing Oilfield with the solution that provides “energy efficiency and high reliability with synchronous motors without using rare earth”.

The following results are obtained through the actual industrial run and CNPC Lab determination: 

1. Test data obtained from the field of industrial trial run:

In January 2013, our first mixed magnetic synchronous motor sample VTR200L-750-15-4V was sent to Daqing Oilfield X Plant for industrial trial run. The test results of Long X-X are shown in the following table. The reduction of energy consumption is obvious as viewed from the test results.

2. Energy conservation test reports provided by CNPC related departments

Test reports on two different oil wells

3. Highly-reliable trouble-free motor

The first batch of Realland motors for oil pumping machine were put to endurance fatigue test and energy efficiency test on different oil pumping machines under different well conditions, respectively in the X Plant and Y Plant subordinate to Daqing Oilfield. These motors have been running to this day for more than four years through all four seasons against the heat, coldness, wind, rain and sun beating, and none of them have had any failure. They therefore won the thumb of Daqing Oilfield.

Product and Application

Efficiency: National Level I, International IE4

Motor seat No.: 200、225、250、280

Rated motor power: 15 - 55 kW

Rated motor rpm: 750、1000 r/min

Drive method: Drive dedicated to the mixed magnetic motor