Passenger cars & Commercial vehicles
New Energy Vehicle Industry

For the new energy automotive industry, REALLAND TECHNOLOGY recommends the ETM series of motors as the drive motors and generators for pure and hybrid vehicles.The ETM series motors are tailor-made for REALLAND TECHNOLOGY for new energy vehicles. It is technically groundbreaking and its features are as follows:

1.  Ultra-high energy density, volumetric power density up to 12.9kW/L, effective weight torque density up to 22NM/kg;

2.  Ultra-small, ultra-light, only 50~60% of the current size and weight of permanent magnet reluctance synchronous motor. These two characteristics are the important demands of EV and HEV main drive motors or generators;

3.  Ultra-thin and disc-type features are the preferred solution for wheel-side motors, integrated in gearboxes, electric drive bridges, etc.

4.  Building block combination, based on ETM ultra-short axial dimension, can realize dual motor combination. It can control two motors or two controllers to control two motors independently.

5.  Ultra-efficient and wider efficient coverage area.

Based on the above characteristics, the ETM series motors are very suitable for:
Pure electric drive for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, hybrid/plug-in hybrid drive, centralized and distributed wheel drive, and applications for engineering vehicles, logistics vehicles, special vehicles, etc.

  • Recommended application: wheel-side drive
Rear axle wheel double motor (plus speed reducer) independent drive: used for bus, truck, etc.

Two- or four-wheel wheel motors are independently driven: luxury super-run, etc.

  • Recommended application: electric drive gearbox, or front/rear bridge

Parallel shaft electric drive transmission:
Single Motor                                                                                 Double Motors

Coaxial electric drive transmission:
Single Motor                                                                                  Double Motors

  • Recommended application: front and rear dual motor four-wheel drive
Front and rear dual motors for full-time four-wheel drive: