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High Density Radial Flux PM Traction Motor
Applicable to: New energy vehicles, AGV, Engineering vehicles, etc.
External Disk-type Super-efficient Motorized Spindle
Applicable to: External spindle drive applications such as CNC lathes, etc 

   No change to the machine tool and spindle housing structure
■   Overcome the heat of the built-in electric spindle
■   High torque & dynamic response throughout running
■   Cancel the traditional pulley drive
■   Placed on the original belt pulley position
■   One-piece installation and disassembly





Industry Applications
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New Energy Automobile Industry
Passenger car, commercial vehicle, electric motorcycle motor, mobile machinery drive motor
REEV generator, ISG motor, AGV motor, wheel-sided motor,Gear integrated machine, electric drive gearbox...
Woodworking Machinery
High-precision, high-speed motor / motorized spindle
Feed servo motor, power head motor
Applicable to end milling machines, 
edge banding machines
stone cutting, aluminum processing and etc...
Machine Tool Industry
Motorized spindle, machine tool spindle motor
Feed servo motor, power head motor
Applicable to CNC lathes, machining centers,high speed drilling and milling, compound machine tools...
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